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Steve Carroll-Turner, Sussex (UK) based Piano Tuner and Technician.

Tuning to the highest standard, for recording, concert, or domestic pianos

Fine regulation of actions including all modern makes; plus Bluthner patent and Bechstein

Toning and voicing of hammers to improve/refine the sound of the piano.

Reconditioning pianos which can give an old instrument a new lease of life,
making it sound as good as (sometimes better than) new.

Precision Touch Design is a remarkable new technique that makes it possible to customise the feel of the piano action. A heavy action can be made fast and responsive, a light action can be given more power. Along with unprecedented evenness of touch and improvements in tone quality and dynamic range this means that any piano can be significantly improved.

This site gives a good idea of the work that I do and the areas I cover. It is also intended as a resource of useful information on all aspects of piano care and maintenance.

I hope you find this site useful. Please phone or email if you would like a quote or any further information.

“I instructed Stephen to install a Precision Touch Design ... I now have a piano that is perfectly controllable across the whole keyboard, and has a beautiful sound at all dynamic levels, from the loudest forte down to the softest imaginable. This is something I thought I was going to have to give up on, altogether!”
Luke Corradine - composer

“I could not imagine a more professional attendant – both technical and musical – than Stephen. My Bluthner has not only maintained its quality but has changed for the better in his care. I owe its enrichment entirely to his work”

Sir Neville Marriner CBE

“Steve maintains my Grotrian Steinweg and Bluthner pianos with loving care and attention to detail. The tuning is immaculate and the sound is great”

David Gilmour - Pink Floyd

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